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140 More: Rihanna Is Human


Singer Rihanna was scheduled to come to Barrington High School in Lake County, Illinois after the school won a contest which she spearheaded. The day she was scheduled to arrive? Today. Those of us who live in Chicago will agree with me that particular day is a bad day to be a driver, especially during the afternoon/evening rush period.

It would be predictable, although somewhat justified, to project some sort of frustration at Rihanna as some of the students did when she finally arrived 4 and a half hours late of the original scheduled time (which was 2 p.m.). I consider a situation that a friend of mine was in during his childhood where his mother had to work many hours at her programming job and would often miss out on things she promised to do with him. Of course it still frustrates him that he couldn’t share those typical moments of tenderness that children are supposed to have with their parents. The reality is that this is how some people live.

This is how Rihanna lives.

Nothing is completely excusable, but how frustrated can you be at another person for what already happened? If a school or any institution takes on a celebrity for any event, you have to consider the following:

  • Their time
  • The amount of traveling they have to do
  • They are human

People who put together these kinds of events have to always have a Plan B if things go wrong. Teasing an impatient audience with “She’s coming, She’s coming” does nothing but cause a greater upset at the end. Imagine, if you can, if Justin Bieber decided to arrive late (or not at all) to the school in question: There would be a riot the size of the average Beatles concert back in the day.

This will all be water under the bridge and all of the feelings that Rihanna is lower than dirt will go away eventually. Ultimately, the students and the administrators will re-think how they handle dealing with celebrities in the future and be consider of the reality that sometimes (just like everyday people) things don’t work out exactly as planned.


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